Holy Deception: How Religious Leaders Are Weaponized for Manipulation Pt. 2

In a religious community, the tactic of using religious leaders to come against and manipulate others can be seen as a form of utilizing flying monkeys. In this scenario, a person with ulterior motives or a narcissistic inclination may manipulate and exploit religious leaders to further their agenda and control others.

They may manipulate religious leaders by appealing to their authority, knowledge, or personal relationships. By gaining the trust and support of influential leaders, they can use them as tools to attack, ostracize, or manipulate targeted individuals.

These manipulators may present themselves as devout followers or individuals seeking the greater good of the community, but their underlying motives are self-serving. They utilize religious leaders as a means to legitimize their actions, enhance their influence, and create a sense of authority to manipulate, control, and abuse others.

The flying monkey religious leaders, in this case, may unknowingly become pawns in the manipulator’s game. They might believe they are acting in alignment with their religious values or protecting the community from perceived threats. However, they are ultimately being used to serve the hidden agenda of the manipulator.

Occasionally, the religious authorities are aware of the exploitation, yet they choose to turn a blind eye to it for various reasons such as personal gain, respect for the individual’s leadership position, or due to gender bias. We must remember that all individuals, regardless of their position, are equal before God and should be held accountable for their actions. Let us pray for discernment and courage to address any manipulative behavior, and strive to always do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.