Covert Abuse Across Institutions and Relationships Pt. 5

More examples of institutions and relationships where covert abuse can occur:

  1. Aging or Elderly Care: Covert abuse can happen in aging or elderly care settings, where older adults may experience financial exploitation, emotional manipulation, or neglect from caregivers or family members.
  2. Online Gaming and Esports Communities: Covert abuse can occur within online gaming and esports communities, where individuals may face harassment, cyberbullying, or manipulation from other players or members of the community.
  3. Prison Systems: Covert abuse can manifest within prison systems, where inmates may experience psychological manipulation, harassment, or mistreatment from prison staff or fellow inmates.
  4. Mental Health Settings: Covert abuse can occur within mental health treatment settings, where vulnerable individuals seeking therapy or treatment may face gaslighting, emotional manipulation, or boundary violations from mental health professionals.
  5. Financial or Economic Relationships: Covert abuse can happen within financial or economic relationships, where individuals may experience financial control, economic exploitation, or manipulation from partners, family members, or business associates.