Covert Abuse Across Institutions and Relationships Pt. 4

Even more examples of institutions and relationships where covert abuse can occur:

  1. Volunteer or Nonprofit Organizations: Covert abuse can happen within volunteer or nonprofit organizations, where individuals may experience manipulation, power imbalances, or exploitation by leaders or fellow volunteers.
  2. Residential or Care Facilities: Covert abuse can manifest in residential or care facilities, such as nursing homes, assisted living centers, or rehabilitation centers, where vulnerable individuals may face emotional manipulation, neglect, or mistreatment from staff members or caregivers.
  3. Military or Armed Forces: Covert abuse can occur within military or armed forces settings, where personnel may experience abusive behaviors, such as gaslighting, emotional manipulation, or bullying from peers or superiors.
  4. Community or Social Groups: Covert abuse can occur within community or social groups, where individuals may face social exclusion, emotional manipulation, or toxic dynamics created by influential members within the group.
  5. Political Environments: Covert abuse can manifest in political environments, where individuals may experience subtle forms of manipulation, gaslighting, or power dynamics used to maintain control or suppress dissent.