Covert Abuse Across Institutions and Relationships Pt. 3

Here are five additional examples of institutions and relationships where covert abuse can occur:

  1. Educational Settings: Covert abuse can occur in educational institutions beyond student interactions. It can involve teachers or administrators exerting subtle forms of control, favoritism, or emotional manipulation towards students or even fellow faculty members.
  2. Cultural or Ethnic Communities: Covert abuse can happen within cultural or ethnic communities, where individuals may face pressure to conform, emotional blackmail, or manipulation based on cultural norms or expectations.
  3. Legal and Judicial Systems: Covert abuse can manifest within legal or judicial systems, where individuals may experience manipulation, intimidation, or gaslighting from lawyers, judges, or other legal professionals involved in their cases.
  4. Sports and Athletics: Covert abuse can occur in sports and athletic environments, where coaches, teammates, or administrators may employ subtle forms of control, emotional manipulation, or bullying tactics towards athletes.
  5. Parenting and Childcare: Covert abuse can take place in parenting or childcare relationships, where parents, guardians, or caregivers may use subtle tactics to exert control, manipulate, or emotionally abuse children under their care.