Covert Abuse Across Institutions and Relationships Pt. 2

Here are a few more examples of institutions and relationships where covert abuse can occur:

  1. Religious or Spiritual Communities: Covert abuse can take place within religious or spiritual organizations, where individuals may face manipulation, shaming, or control under the guise of faith or spirituality.
  2. Caregiver Relationships: Covert abuse can happen in caregiver relationships, such as with babysitters, nannies, or elderly caregivers, where vulnerable individuals may experience emotional manipulation, neglect, or exploitation.
  3. Online Interactions: Covert abuse can occur in online relationships, including social media, online dating, or virtual communities. This can involve cyberbullying, online harassment, stalking, or manipulation through digital means.
  4. Medical and Healthcare Settings: Covert abuse can manifest in healthcare environments, where patients may experience gaslighting, dismissive behavior, or neglect from medical professionals or caregivers.
  5. Professional Settings: Covert abuse can also occur in professional settings beyond the workplace, such as mentorship or client relationships, where power imbalances can be exploited through manipulation, intimidation, or unethical practices.